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The Ultimate Guide to Stopping Hair Loss with Organic Solutions


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Today I am going to share the age old practices of Anti Hair Fall, which were being carried by the ancient saints of India. These practices are about preventing total hair fall & boosting real hair growth, even to a good extent on bald head. It is all about the oil therapy which I had mentioned in one of my post. Now I am going to share that along with authentic products available in the market with special Discounts on purchase of those products. The links of these products would be given here in this post.

The fact is that, you have to mix up each kind of Oil according to the proportions given here. But remember that I will mention two types of oil here. No. 1 is the Essential Oils- The highly Concentrated ones. No. 2 is the Non Essential Oils – Oils of normal concentration & fluidity.

The links that would be shared, here below in this post, would have the mention of Essential Oil & Non essential ones.  So, you have to mix 10 ml of each Essential Oil and 40 ml of Non Essential Oils or Carrier Oils to prepare a mixture. And you will have to apply this mixture daily at the bed time or 3 hours before bath. If you can’t make it daily, then at least you will have to apply that mixture, in every alternative day of a week at bed time.

You have to carry this practice for a year to see considerable change in your Hair Growth. But the matter of Prevention of Hair Fall can be observed with in a month only. Rather, I would suggest you to carry on the practice of applying the mixture as long as you can in your life. It will also prevent premature Greying of hair and even prevent further greying. This mixture can also be applied on beards of men to maintain the same standards as for the normal hair care.

You can preserve the mixture for years. There will be no decaying of the quality in the slightest even. It is one time expenditure. But people of low budget can buy these oils in breaks, like two or three oils every month. Finally, after getting all of them, they may prepare the mixture, that I have suggested earlier in this post. 

So, the links are below here. Click to open them. Enjoy! 👇👇👇

Essential Oils – Take 10 ml Each

Non essential Oils  OR Carrier Oils : Take 40 ml Each


Store the mixture in a bottle with closing the lid properly in a shady area. I mean avoid direct sunlight exposure on this mixture. You may store this mixture for years like this way, without loosing its beneficial qualities.

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